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American Weigh Scales, Inc. is a Georgia corporation that manufactures and distributes digital scales around the world. American Weigh introduced its first branded digital scale to the market in 2003. Today, we are proud to offer over 100 different digital scales to meet your weighing needs. AWS is constantly striving to improve existing products and come up with new innovative ideas to meet the consumer’s constant search for the newest, hottest designs. American Weigh Scales, Inc. designs many products in the US and manufactures the AWS and Fast Weigh scale brands in China. We pride ourselves on quality products and service. From the initial stages of development to the final stages of production, AWS ensures that our scales meet our high expectations. In doing so our customers are delivered a product that has been tested, calibrated, and approved on every quality standard.

All scales are backed by a manufacturer’s warranty so our customers can be confident they are purchasing a quality product. Finding the right scale for your needs can be a daunting task with all the options available. That’s why the AWS Team is only a phone call away. We have qualified service representatives to offer advice and guide you through the selection process. Have a question on one of our products? Need help troubleshooting or with calibration? No problem. Just give us a call and our technical representatives will have you up and weighing in no time.

AWS can facilitate any order you may have, whether it is for one scale or 1,000. Just give us a call and we will make sure you are taken care of promptly. American Weigh Scales was proud to be named in the Inc. 5000 of 2007 – America’s Fastest Growing Private Companies. Overall we ranked number 719. For the top consumer product companies AWS stood tall and placed at number 17. Our unparalleled practices of strict quality control and exceptional customer service have moved AWS to the forefront of today’s scale industry.


  • In-house product design, packaging and innovation.
  • Over 300 skus for all industries.
  • In-house manufacturing and QC
  • 10 year warranty on all our scales
  • FDA approved products

  • Government contract holder
  • American owned

CEO Speaks

We're responsible for this company. We stand behind the results. We know the details, and we think that morality is the backbone of the company.

We think high standards are good, but let's not anybody be confused, it's about performance with integrity.

That's what you have to do. Be best at what you do. We believe in our people and give trust to our customers. 

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